Yeezy x Ikea Is the Fashion Collaboration You Never Knew You Wanted — Till Now

Ikea's Frakta bag is so hot right now. After Balenciaga debuted a cobalt-blue leather bag bearing a striking resemblance to Ikea's famous shopping tote, the internet took notice. Fashion-lovers and Ikea shoppers alike have been using the Frakta bag to make fashionable clothing items: hats, shoes, masks, and thongs (yes, thongs) and now to give the iconic Yeezy boosts an Ikea makeover. While the Balenciaga bag has a steep price tag of $2,145, the Frakta costs only $1, and it clearly has endless possibilities.

We wonder what Balenciaga designer Demna Gvasalia thinks of all of this — or Kanye West, for that matter — but the fact that people are designing wearable items from a shopping bag is impressive enough. Keep reading to see the fashion innovation ahead.