If You're Thinking About a Cheeky Bikini For Your Next Vaca, Iskra Lawrence Found the Perfect 1

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There are some bikini styles I'm hesitant to buy, even if I think my booty looks good in the dressing room mirror. One such cut is the cheeky high-rise. I'm just afraid that when I'm finally romping around on the beach, I won't be able to enjoy the sand between my toes because I'll just be feeling so . . . bare. If I dare to invest in such narrow bottoms, won't I feel like "it's all hanging out"?

I've gone back and forth with this, but Iskra Lawrence's recent appearance in Miami just encouraged me to give the cheeky look a whirl. You see, even though she's showing skin to her hips, Iskra's suit is extremely flattering, with a waist that cinches just below the belly button.

Also, I love a bandeau with structure, which allows you to show off your shoulders, or even a stunning piece of jewelry, like Iskra's gold chain. There's just something about the lines of Iskra's exact set that puts me at ease as I take a deep breath and finally add a cheeky design of my own to the cart. Read ahead if you'd like to join me.