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1_1471>> The States are really missing out -- Americans are way too comfortable with their bootcut jeans.  With Miss Kate Moss as the reigning fashion queen supreme over there in good old Britannia, however, I was finally privy to the treat that is seeing real live skinny jeans in action.  I remember at least three distinct times when I spotted them -- probably because I was so stricken with awe (in case you can't tell I'm an orthodox worshiper of the look) -- there was a girl riding around on the Tube with her friends in Sass & Bide, a very indie-type girl (emo-y glass and the whole shebang) shopping with me in Unicorn, and finally, the girl walking on King's Road (above).  I couldn't resist snapping a picture of her, and clearly the guy on the very left of the picture was intrigued as well -- I'm sure he was thinking about where he could get a pair of jeans like that (well I was, anyway). 

I think partially the reason people are so wary of skinny jeans is because of their "unforgiving" body-hugging shape.  But I feel like they are the same as any other style of jeans -- you just have to keep trying different brands until you find a good fit.  Each of the three girls I saw had entirely different body types: the first was about 5'2. petite and curvy.  The second was tall (probably Sass_stovepipeabout 5'10), with very thin legs and a boyish straight-down figure.  And the third, well, you cann see her for yourself.  Basically what I'm saying here is take a chance -- there's no reason that indie rocker boys need to own the skinny jean scene.  If you're still worried, get the jeans in a dark wash -- it's always slimming.  In fact, my favorite pair (and one of Miss Moss') is in a gray wash -- Sass & Bide's Stove Pipe Denim (right), available at both satine boutique and net-a-porter for $230-240 when they're not sold out.  If you're not yet convinced, try both a dark wash and heels, which help elongate your legs.

For more skinny jeans, take a look at the examples I've put together here.  Lovely.   

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