65 Years Later, Still No Wedding Dress Compares to Jackie Kennedy's — Fight Me

We have seen some pretty fairy-tale worthy wedding gowns in our day, from celebs to Insta-babes to royals. But more than six decades after John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier tied the knot in Newport, RI, I have yet to see a gown that takes my breath away as much as Jackie's does.

Full disclosure: I may be a little biased. I, like Jackie, got married in Newport — at Castle Hill Inn, just a little bit down the road from Hammersmith Farm, where the Kennedy reception was held. Her bridal look was an inspiration to me from day one of my planning: timeless and elegant, but just dramatic and different enough to make a statement without looking silly years later. It was "goals" to me (back when people still said "goals").

An ivory silk portrait-neckline dress with a bouffant skirt, Jackie's gown was designed by African American fashion designer Ann Lowe and consisted of 50 yards of fabric. She accented it with an heirloom rose point lace veil that had belonged to her grandmother; a lace-and-orange-blossom tiara affixed the veil to her hair.

Jacqueline was always a master of restraint when it came to style. She didn't wear much jewelry with her wedding dress, but what she did wear was very personal — just a single-strand pearl necklace that was a family heirloom, a diamond pin from her parents, and a diamond bracelet from JFK.

Ironically, Jackie was said to not have loved the dress (um, what?) and had wished for something with more simple lines. But to the American public then — and now — the gown was a sartorial success. The marriage may not have been perfect, but the bride's look certainly was, from head to toe. At least, in my opinion. Ahead, take a look at the dress from another angle, and decide for yourself.