Jessica Alba and Her Daughter Decided It's Bikini Season, and We're Ready to Join

Jessica Alba and her 11-year-old daughter, Honor, decided that yes, it's now swim season. Over the weekend, the mother-daughter duo slipped into matching high-waisted brown bikinis by Left on Friday (which you can shop down below), sun hats, and oversize linen boyfriend shirts for a TikTok dance to ZaeHD and CEO's "Hustle & Flow." It wasn't enough that they mastered the dance moves, perfectly nailing each and every hand motion as they recorded themselves selfie style, but they had to wear coordinating outfits, too! It's safe to say they fully melted our hearts with their adorableness — and right in time for Mother's Day! It truly doesn't get any sweeter.

Jessica and Honor also notably have the same haircut (Jessica recently gave herself an impromptu chop with the virtual guidance of her hairstylist, Jen Atkin). We're digging their loose waves and easy, breezy style, which sets the tone for a relaxing few weeks ahead. Jessica and Honor's style move also gives us every reason to dress up however the heck we want when we're in the safety of our own homes and in fair reach of a phone to record some solid #OOTD content. All you need to get the look is a button-down cover-up and the willingness to open up that swim drawer that's been closed for far too long.

Left on Friday