Essential Jewelry Gifts You'll Want to Buy For Loved Ones — at Every Price

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The saying about good things coming in small packages is definitely true around the holidays. Jewelry, of course, comes in tiny boxes, and it's one of our favorite kinds of gifts to give.

Jewelry, though, can be very personal, and as a result, difficult to pick out for loved ones. So that's why we turned to a pro, Charm & Chain founder Ali Galgano, to get her top selections for jewelry gifts — at every price.

"What girl doesn't love receiving a piece of jewelry?" Ali said. "It's luxurious, often meaningful, and always fits." And when it comes to selecting the perfect piece, Ali advises, "Find something within her style parameters that she wouldn't necessarily buy for herself."

To help, Ali has selected a number of unique but versatile pieces that could work for any woman in your life . . . or even for yourself, as Ali plans to do. "Every year around the holidays, I try to indulge myself with at least one little present," she admitted. And we can't blame her.