When We Start Wearing Real Clothes Again, I'm Only Interested in Re-Creating Julia Roberts's '90s Style

May 18 2020 - 3:01am

There are people with personal style so good, trends are created in their likeness. Here's where I make a motion to live out the rest of 2020 dressed like Julia Roberts [1] in the '90s. With celebrity style — and fashion trends in general — invoking a decidedly '90s spirit [2], the opportunity presented itself: I remembered the blazer, white tee, and slim-fit denim Julia wears at the end of Pretty Woman, one of the most perfect (and underrated) outfits of all time. From there, I went down a rabbit hole, revisiting Julia's '90s aesthetic, style stalking vintage paparazzi shots of Julia in a ditsy-print floral dress and ankle boots, or cropped t-shirts and wide-leg pants.

Much the way Princess Diana's biker shorts and trainers have become a ubiquitous fashion reference as of late, inspiring looks from Hailey Baldwin [3] and Kendall Jenner, Julia's looks from the '90s are a whole mood of their own, worthy of celebrating and replicating, whenever it is that we all start getting dressed again. Here I've pulled my favorites, the ones representative of her cool, pared-down personal take on denim, menswear, and even event dressing. Take cues from the woman who did '90s style best — and first.

Julia is the queen of uncomplicated, cool airport style here in 1990.

In a dressed-down floral mini and ankle boots, Julia could have easily pioneered the cool-girl aesthetic we've all spent years trying to perfect.

For the Die Hard 2 premiere with Kiefer Sutherland [4], Julia makes a case for a low-key red carpet look.

Looking like the quintessential '90s girl in a denim jacket layered over a floral dress while hailing a cab in NYC in 1991.

Making biker shorts and a blazer a viable outfit since 1989.

Julia styled bootcut denim with a button-down shirt in this 1991 look that would be just as perfect on the street today.

Julia looked cool and quirky in a mini, socks, and loafers. Currently plotting to wear this exact combo.

Here's Julia proving leggings are in fact pants in 1991.

Julia mastered the art of layering with a vest and oversize blazer at an event in 1991.

I vaguely remember Gigi Hadid wearing a look just like this one, making Julia's cropped tee and wide-leg pants in 1993 very relevant in 2020.

Surely you know the slip dress trend started with looks like this one in 1997.

Comfortable and cool — Julia's take on sweatpants is my current style mood.

Whenever we're getting dressed up again, I call dibs on re-creating this winning combo: cotton tank on top, glitzy skirt on bottom.

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