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just call me the eighth dwarf, greedy.

>>  What three things do I want in life (or now, rather)?  No silly, not peace, love, and happiness.  Try again.  You're stumped?  Okay fine.  I'll give it to you, but just this once. 

Bcn_pants 1. The Pants

I saw this style of pants running around all over Barcelona, and fell deeply, passionately in love.  The example picture is from McQueen's Spring 2003 collection, but only because I couldn't get a picture of the ones I saw.  They look exactly the same.  I know the people I saw wearing them can't all afford vintage McQueen, however, so I want to know... where can you get these pants?  Anyone, anyone?  I want, but I can't have, because I don't know where to get.  And that makes it all the worse.  They just look so comfy, and at the same time, I think of a Japanese influence.  Which makes it all the cooler.  Now if only I could find them, I would be able to die a happy woman. 

Japan_heart_1 2.  The Shirt

Garcons_tee I was looking through a great Japanese Street Style site that I came across, and I found a girl from Harajuku (don't worry, I'm no Gwen Stefani) wearing this lovely lovely Comme des Garcons Play shirt.  Again, can't find it anywhere -- it came out a couple of years ago.  I think I like it so much because it reminds me of a drawing I did as a kid -- it had little heart people with eyes on them that looked just like that.  And to think, if only my parents had had the common sense to put that drawing on a shirt, I might've been a famous at age 5.  I'm dreaming, I know, but the point is, the shirt is personal to me.  But I'm still so jealous of that girl.  She has my shirt.

Kate_vest3. The Waistcoat

Also known as "vest" in the U.S., but I figure since I'm in England, I can take up their terms.  Especially when I'm going to mention Miss Kate Moss, the lovely.  Who has been spotted at the Glastonbury Festival (and around town) recently wearing this waistcoat.  I'm not sure that I would wear mine like she does, but I definitely think this would be a good piece to support the quasi-Urbn_vest adrogynous clothing phase I'm going through right now.  Plus, just look at her.  There's nothing manly about the piece when she wears it.  In fact, I would dare to say sensual.  (I know, Kate Moss is the embodiment of sensual, but what can I say.)  I found a pretty cute one at Urban Outfitters for $78, but I would prefer to find a cool vintage one in London.  So we'll see what I can turn up.

**sources: TIME, getty images

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