Kendall Jenner Is Single-Handedly Making the Waist Bag a Thing in 2017

Kendall Jenner is a trendsetter, and recently, it seems like she's feeling '80s fashion. Between her fishnet tights and slouchy jeans, the model's paying homage to the decade more than most stars. While out with BFF Gigi Hadid, Kendall was once again spotted in an '80s-meets-'90s attire, wearing a Chanel waist bag (aka the fanny pack) with a pair of deconstructed jeans, sneakers, and floral turtleneck.

We have to admit the designer fanny pack actually looks kind of cool. The hands-free accessory is a nod to the past, and judging from how Kendall wears it, waist bags pair perfectly with jeans. The style also happens to be one of the It accessories for 2017, which means it's about time you get on it, too.