Are You a Kendall or a Kylie When It Comes to Sexy Swimwear?

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When it comes to picking out swimwear, we're usually torn between two options: a classic bikini or a sexy one-piece. And while an easy tiebreaker may be whether we want more coverage or less, perhaps we should be asking ourselves if we're feeling more Kendall or a Kylie. The Jenner sisters showed off their different tastes when it came to swimsuits over the weekend, with Kylie covering up in a black, cutout one-piece and Kendall showing off her abs in a orange string set.

With a few more weeks left of Summer, you're bound to encounter this same dilemma again soon. Read on to see what these girls were rocking, then shop your choice ahead.

Instagram | kendalljenner

Kendall showed off her stomach in an tiny orange bikini, accessorizing with the Karina Y necklace from Capwell + Co ($55).

Instagram | kyliejenner

Kylie, on the other hand, wore a sexy cutout one-piece, which Kendall previously wore for an Allure spread.