Kim Kardashian's Exposed Bra Isn't Even the Craziest Thing About Her Outfit

On the heels of Kim Kardashian's sexy albeit far more understated VMAs look, we thought the style setter was ushering in a new era of less-is-more fashion. Clearly, that was a one-night-only kind of thing. Mrs. West is back to her usual tricks — piling on trends, peeling off layers, and working in sheer pieces with nearly every street style appearance. The latest — complete with clear plastic knee-high boots — just about knocked us off our chairs, and for Kim, that's hard to do.

We hardly even noticed the exposed sheer baby-blue bra peeking out from underneath her supersize denim jacket or the nameplate choker in honor of son Saint. It's the boots that stole our attention and took nearly all of our energy trying to figure out why exactly. They're practical enough for a rainstorm, but for a pretty clear, hot, sticky day in NYC, the best answer we can come up with is: fashion? As with most of Kim's outfits, practicality is an afterthought. Read on to see the bold look from every angle, then weigh in: are you a fan of Kim's eccentric fashion statement?