Kylie Jenner's Style Hasn't Gotten Sexier — You Just Haven't Been Keeping Up

Recently, everyone's been talking about Kylie Jenner's drastic transformation: her lips, her chest, her Kim Kardashian-like look all seems very different than the girl we were introduced to in the early days of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Or so we thought. Because while some parts of this 18-year-old have definitely been altered, the one thing that's been pretty consistent? Her style.

Looking back on photos, we realized visions of little, innocent Kylie were most likely figments of our imagination. Even in early red carpet appearances, you can spot this child star in a supertight minidress, which actually leads to the most shocking revelation of them all: the youngest member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew has always dressed provocatively; we just weren't paying attention. Scroll though the photos ahead to take a look at birthday girl Kylie's nontransformation to see what we mean.

Instagram | kyliejenner

These days, Kylie loves showing off her body any chance she gets, especially on Instagram.

Getty | Light Brigade/Bauer-Griffin

She rocked a crop top and short shorts at Coachella 2015.

Instagram | kyliejenner

Along with whatever this is.

Instagram | kyliejenner

She's also perfected the sexy bikini selfie.

Instagram | kyliejenner

Even Kylie's workout clothes are strappy and revealing!

Instagram | kyliejenner

And she's taught us a pair of stiletto boots go with practically everything.

Instagram | kyliejenner

In fact, she has a closet full of this type of design.

Instagram | kyliejenner

Sports bra or crop top? Does it matter?

Getty | GONZALO/Bauer-Griffin

Kylie loves those thigh-high boots.

Getty | Joe Scarnici

Curve-hugging and cutout at GQ's Grammys event.

Getty | Jon Kopaloff

What's an award show dress without a daring slit?

Getty | Christopher Polk

Even her casual clothes are supershort.

Getty | Raymond Hall

Um . . . Kylie? We're pretty sure this is a shirt . . . ?

Getty | Bennett Raglin

She's obviously a fan of the crop top.

Getty | Kevin Mazur

More leg slits . . .

Getty | Ignat/Bauer-Griffin

And more crop tops . . .

Getty | NCP/Star Max

Strappy sandals and a teeny-tiny dress: a killer Kardashian kombination.

Getty | Sonia Recchia

Yes, you're right: this is pretty sheer for a teenager.

Getty | Michael N. Todaro

Whose outfit is more revealing: Kendall's or Kylie's?

Getty | JB Lacroix

Does this teeny-tiny romper even count as shorts?

Getty | Allen Berezovsky

This star has really mastered the "Angelina Jolie pose."

Getty | Steve Granitz

Even in 2013, Kylie was all about the skintight look.

Getty | Jason LaVeris

White hot — at 15 . . .

Getty | Jason LaVeris

Only Kylie could make this adorable set seem not so sweet.

Getty | Steve Granitz

The outfit is pretty tame, but those strappy sandals are supersexy.

Getty | SMXRF/Star Max

What, you didn't dress like this as a teen?

Getty | David Becker

Kylie easily blended in with the older crowd at the iHeartRadio Music Festival back in 2013.

Getty | Jennifer Graylock

Yes, this is a skirt.

Getty | Jason LaVeris

Channeling Sandy from Grease at a KIIS FM event in May 2013.

Getty | Steve Granitz

The star sported some sheer tights and a sweatshirt dress at the 2013 Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards

Getty | NCP/Star Max

Kylie was all about platform pumps back in 2013.

Getty | Jeff R. Bottari

Kylie does love her leather.

Getty | Kevin Mazur

And we can't forget the peekaboo skin!

Getty | David Livingston

She may have been the "sexiest" member of the Kardashian-Jenner crew right from the beginning.

Getty | Jeffrey Mayer

Short shorts and heels: the ultimate leg-lengthening combo.

Getty | Jon Kopaloff

Kylie was the master of minis and platform pumps in 2012.

Getty | Jason Merritt

Showing off some cleavage with this sheer little dress — and she was still only 14.

Getty | Denise Truscello

This is definitely not what we wore to our high school dances . . .

Getty | Steve Granitz

Little lady in red while attending the LA premiere of The Vow.

Getty | Jon Kopaloff

We're guessing her favorite leg is the left one.

Getty | Stefanie Keenan

A crop top. At a Hello Kitty event. In 2011. In a way, she was ahead of the trends.

Getty | Jason Merritt

Kylie's signature style was definitely the minidress.

Getty | Jeffrey Mayer

The shoes were age-appropriate for a 13-year-old, but this blue dress was still kind of revealing.

Getty | Michael Tran

We could still picture Kylie rocking a dress like this one, which she wore in 2011, today.

Getty | Jon Kopaloff

Again: 13 years old.

Getty | Angela Weiss

Combat boots and a little mini in 2010.

Getty | Stefanie Keenan

You can see the start of her provocative style choices back in 2009, when Kylie was just 12 years old.