Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke's Candid Lingerie Shoot Is a Love Letter to Women

This isn't the first time Lena Dunham or Jemima Kirke have stripped down to their skivvies for the camera. The Girls actresses have worn their undies on screen, and sometimes, nothing at all; but Lena and Jemima aren't here shooting a scene for their TV show. The actresses and real-life friends joined New Zealand-based lingerie label Lonely and its Lonely Girls Project, which photographs inspiring women wearing the label in their own environments. The portraits are very much real pictures of women just hanging out in their underwear, and to that point, they're never photoshopped.

That's a refreshing change of pace in the media, where sexualized, "perfected" images of women's bodies are the norm. Looking at the pictures of Jemima and Lena, it's easy to see yourself in that moment — no bells and whistles, just friends getting ready together in underwear that makes them feel pretty. Happily, it's another forward-thinking step in the move toward inclusivity and body positivity for the fashion industry, to which we'll add: we'd like more of this, please.

Read on to see the portrait in full, and if you're so inclined, shop the exact pieces Lena and Jemima are wearing.

Lena is wearing the Penny Mist and Winona Oxblood and Jemima is wearing the Bonnie Powder Blue and Gigi Underwire

If you're thinking that the lingerie looks familiar, you might recognize it from Lena Dunham's Instagram last year.