Lupita Nyong'o Springs Into Swimsuit Season Wearing a Colorful Bikini With a Special Message

Lupita Nyong'o famously loves wearing bright colors, and her swimsuit style is no exception. The actress recently shared a photo wearing a $27 bikini from Ohana Swimwear, a Black-owned business based in Kenya. The swimsuit is full of meaning, as the brand's website explains.

Lupita's bikini style is named "Maisa" which means "life" according to its African Swahili origin. The colorful print is inspired by Ghanian culture, with each design element representing a unique meaning. The green represents "life, growth and good health." The blue symbolizes "peace, togetherness, love and harmony" while the yellow stands for "wealth and royalty." The red is associated with "sacrifice" and together the entire pattern is meant to signify "unity in diversity."

That's a message we can all stand behind. If you want to follow in Lupita's footsteps and jump headfirst into swimsuit season, make sure to check out Ohana Swimwear's page for more creative and colorful styles.