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mary kate: the next twiggy?

>> Scandalous!  Exactly 0.5 of the Olsen twins, Mary Kate, is dealing with bout of anorexia.  (psst...and maybe cocaine, too...)

Yeah, we know, we're about a year too late on that little scoop.  Oh well.

Savemarykatetee_thesmokinggun_3 So then the very un-PC L.A.-based designers Randy and Moss thought it would be absolutely hilar to serve Mary Kate up a good old home-cooked meal of “Save Mary-Kate” t-shirts.  After all, she was in need of something substantial, right?  Unfortunately, the big-ol' powers-that-be, also known as Mary Kate’s lawyers, didn’t want to lose that episode of Iron Chef – they served right back a cease and desist order.  I bet you can guess who won.

That &*@# media just won’t leave our favorite cocarexic alone – woe is me, the life of a multimillionaire teenage superstar.  At least all her press isn’t so bad - last month, the NY Times declared Mary Kate a “fashion star.”  Karen Berenson, a stylist in both New York and L.A., was quoted saying Mary Kate “makes skinny girls in baggy clothes look cool.”  It’s clearly the making of a fashion icon, right?  In any case, Mary Kate is now the go-to girl for “Bobo style,” short for bohemian bourgeois. 

Since there’s been so much fuss about it all as of late, we figure wtf mate, let’s take a looksie.

Numba 1 Stunna:


These are the outfits MK (brunette) and Ashley (blonde) wore to the Costume Institute Gala last night at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, organized by Anna Wintour of Vogue editorial fame.  Ashley wore an Oscar de la Renta gown, whereas MK wore a dress that she identified by the store where she bought it, What Comes Around Goes Around, according to NY Times.

We must say that while MK’s frock seems slightly more Victorian than decidedly bohemian, we’re a big fan of the red ethnic beads she’s got around that tiny little neck of hers.

Outfit Numba Deuce Deuce:

Cowboy_nytimesmk Perpetually with coffee cup in hand, we guess MK’s gotta get that fix somehow, right?  We’ve always loved the big mod-looking plastic earrings and the huge Jackie-O jobs.  As for the bobo factor, we’re definitely panting after the black leggings-mini skirt combo, especially because no one needs to know where those leggings came from.  Dior?  Target?  They’re both French, right?  And those cowboy boots, oh those cowboy boots…probably at the top of our most-coveted list.  Hot stuff, MK, hot stuff.

Outfit Numba Menage a Trois:Coolmarykate_5

We’ve gotta say this outfit’s our hands-down favorite.  MK’s pretty in pink in a baggy slip dress under a black cardigan.  As weird as it may seem, the hole-y black stockings and chuck taylors really work for her (note to self: new DIY project – feed new puppy the stockings).  But in all honesty, the real outfit maker: the white plastic bag tote.  Scrumptious.

Outfit Four Real (she's actually wearing what we're seeing?):

Badmarykate_1 This outfit, on the other hand…we have reservations.  MK’s got a big grey tee…um…stylin’ (one can just imagine how long she had to come up with that jewel).  Honestly, this is just not a good representation of a fashion icon, in our opinion.  We do endorse the cute ballet flats and bangle bracelets, as any fashion-conscious people would, but the whole shower curtain/sari skirt thing…not so much.  Next time, try a different look, MK.

** all outfit pics from

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