You Won't Have to Max Out Your Credit Card to Get Meghan Markle's $90 Earrings

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Meghan Markle might be getting the royal treatment for her outfits, but that doesn't mean she'll scoff at affordable pieces. The star is known for finding inexpensive basics at retailers like J.Crew, and her latest purchase reveals a lot about the young future royal.

During an appearance at The Royal Foundation Forum, where she twinned with Kate Middleton in blue, Meghan wore a pair of small hoop earrings. Now, from far away, they don't look like anything special. But we tracked down the accessory and found the earrings are by Isabel Marant.

The best part? The small hoops only cost $90 (!). It's refreshing to see Meghan rock affordable accessories, given the royal family's jewels far exceed any budget most people have. Get a closer look at Meghan's earrings ahead, then shop her exact pair, plus similar selections.