H&M Is on a Mission to Change the Way You Think About Your Old Clothes

Olivia Wilde isn't the only star who has teamed up with H&M to help the brand promote its eco-fashion initiatives. Singer M.I.A. is also working with the Swedish retailer to draw attention to World Recycle Week, which H&M is launching from April 18-24 of this year. M.I.A. appears in a new video promoting H&M's efforts, along with model Cameron Russell, It girls Elizabeth and Victoria Lejonhjärta, and a range of other influencers. The video will debut Monday, April 11 — but we have an exclusive preview of the catchy clip here.

At the center of H&M's World Recycle Week is H&M's hopes to collect used clothing on a massive scale; in a press release, the brand said that it hopes to collect 1,000 tons of garments at 3,600 stores across the world. H&M has been collecting used clothing since 2013, but this is its biggest ever push to collect old clothes. The brand plans to recycle and reuse the textiles as part of its "Close the Loop" initiative.

And the company is giving a special incentive to encourage shoppers to donate; instead of the customary 15 percent discount for dropping off used items, shoppers will now get 30 percent during World Recycle Week.

H&M is smart to bring in well-known stars to help promote its ecological initiatives, and it's hard to find a better spokeswoman than Olivia. She explained H&M's efforts to POPSUGAR Fashion at a recent event for the brand's Conscious Collection. "A lot of people, when they think about sustainable fashion, they think of some sort of sacrifice of fashion," Olivia said. "But H&M is really trying to disprove that, saying not only can you look chic and invest in more sustainable technology, you can also then change the way that you think of yourself as a consumer."

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