Michelle Obama Wears a Standout Suit Fit For Every Working Woman

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Claire Underwood might keep most things secret, but the key to her style is straightforward. The fictional character on House of Cards opts for not-so-simple suits, and in season four, she plays up her look with contrast lapels or lining. When Michelle Obama made an appearance at a recent Let Girls Learn event in Washington DC, she took a tip from Claire.

Michelle looked professional in her matching separates, consisting of a knee-length dress and matching cropped blazer, but the white piping on her coordinates made all the difference. Instead of blending into the background, the FLOTUS stood out, her figure defined by such a subtle little detail.

Of course, Michelle remembered her lovely accessories: gold hoop earrings, patent-leather kitten heels, and her engagement ring. Read on to see her ensemble, and then switch up your own officewear with similar pieces.