Michelle Obama's Deep-Green Dress Is So Mesmerizing, You Won't Be Able to Stop Staring

Michelle Obama is one of those women who sends the world into a tizzy no matter what she wears. Whether it's debating the color of her dress or watching how she's able to switch up an old style, her impeccable taste just needs to be applauded. And Michelle's latest outfit, the modest green dress that she wore to greet Canada's first family, will surely leave you mesmerized.

But it's not just the fact that the mix of lace and print is almost hypnotizing once you start staring at it. Or that she chose to go with something more classic, as Canada's Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau opted for a trendier look. It's also that Michelle instantly solved one of our latest and biggest fashion dilemmas: finding a way to embrace Spring style and hues without going super bright. That deep green is the perfect dark color alternative, and with her legs exposed, Michelle proved that it's the perfect choice for welcoming warmer weather.

Read on to see the first lady's outfit in full, and then check out some of Sophie's fabulous style choices.


Topping things off with a black coat, Michelle nailed transitional style.


Plus, the mixed-media look left us mesmerized.


We love that she kept things classic, finishing off her outfit with a pair of simple black pumps.