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on my summer reading list

Deluxe_danathomas_2 >> I picked it up at the bookstore on Friday (it was just released Wednesday), but I doubt this is the last time you'll hear me talk about it.  Deluxe: How Luxury Lost its Luster is Newsweek reporter Dana Thomas' new tract on, well, the corporatization of the luxury business. 

Sound a little dry to you?  Don't go away just yet.  This book has gotten a lot of buzz, including excerpts published at, face time at and in various fashion magazines, and most recently, it was featured in the NY Times Sunday Business section.

The NY Times article has plenty of interesting little details from the book, like:

After France earned $15 million selling hundreds of millions of acres to the United States, Napoleon’s wife, Josephine, spent half of the money on clothes in 10 years.

Shame shame, Josephine.  Or there are fun little statistics, like: of last year 40 percent of all Japanese people  owned a product made by Vuitton, mainly  from the monogram line. That follows from the fact that the Japanese now account for 40 percent of all luxury sales, more than Americans (17 percent) and Europeans (16 percent) combined.

Maybe I'm just poorly informed, but Japan kind of came out nowhere for me on this.  Sure, the Japanese are definitely a fashion-conscious people, but I would have guessed the burgeoning population-heavy markets of China or India would account for more luxury sales than Japan.  Shows how much I know.

In any case, definitely looking forward to more interesting little tidbits from my girl Dana, when I finally have a chance to crack open the book... Did I mention I like the cover art?   

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