Think You Know How to Wear Pearls?

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Every week, we bring you the best shoppable fashion and lifestyle stories from our partner Lifestyle Mirror. Today, we're sharing Taylor Davies's tips for rocking pearls.

Pearls have always been the signature accessory of the Chanel woman. See also: your grandmother. For Spring/Summer 2014, Karl Lagerfeld put a playful, statement-making twist on the classic gemstone that's a far cry from that heirloom strand in your jewelry box. Off the runway and on the red carpet, Mise En Dior tribal earrings became a sensation, thanks to Emma Watson, Charlize Theron, and Jennifer Lawrence.

Singular, statement pearl pieces are now popping up in all corners of the jewelry market, from luxury designers like Delfina Delettrez, Ana Khouri, and Sophie Bille Brahe to more accessible brands like Baublebar and Anthropologie.

So what are the most fabulous pieces on our radar? Since we can't get our hands on one of those Chanel collars, we'll happily settle for an inexpensive interpretation from R.J. Graziano or Anthropologie. Anything from Sophie Bille Brahe is at the top of our list, but her crawling single earring with graduating pearls is divine, and one of Delfina Delettrez's cheeky single drop earrings is a conversation piece we'd treasure for life.

No matter the price point, or if you favor necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings, rethinking how to wear pearls is all about one thing: balance — specifically, avoiding it! Look for stand-alone details, funky settings, odd numbers, and extralarge gems. Then again, if you want to cheat the system and try the trend at home, just mismatch your earrings. Wear a single pearl in one ear and a cool little gold stud in the other and voilà. Source: Getty