Nike's Red Velvet Sneakers Are Here, Whether You Asked For Them or Not

Nike released pairs of red velvet sneakers last month, and they just might satisfy your sweet tooth — with no added calories. The red kicks came about thanks to basketball player Kevin Durant (his former Oklahoma City Thunder teammates used to call him "cupcake") and are said to celebrate "the smoothest player in the game and his undying quest for the sweet taste of victory." Judging from the photos, the footwear is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and looks quite comfortable with its lifted soles.

The color perfectly resembles its namesake scrumptious dessert too. If you're thinking "this whole thing makes no sense," just remember pumpkin spice sneakers exist, so red velvet sneakers? Totally plausible. And just think of all the ways you can style these shoes with your outfits. Read on to see the sneaker from all angles, because the images might entice you to buy a slice pair.