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Elmo_1>> ...One of these things just doesn't belong.  Oh hi, Elmo's so happy to see you!  (Sorry guys, just couldn't avoid the reference -- I was a hardcore Sesame Street fan as a kid.)  Before we get too far into Elmo's World, let's pull back out so you can finally understand where all of this is going. 

Shaun Leane is a London-based jewellery designer who has had a strong partnership with Alexander McQueen since the early '90s, when he produced a number of pieces for McQueen's second catwalk show.  Since then, he has won the title of UK jewelry designer of the year in 2004, as well as (I'm sure you'll be interested to hear) a client in Kate Moss.  I know you're not here to read this guy's resume, but don't worry, now we're down to the really really important part. 

Sl_earr As I was looking through Mr. Leane's site, something struck me: a lot of his earrings are sold as singles (aka you can buy only one, you're not obligated to buy a pair).  I've come across this phenomenon at a couple of other places lately, and I think it's a really novel idea.  I mean, I've always just assumed that earrings should come as a pair, and look exactly identical.  But who ever said fraternal twins couldn't be fashionable, right MKA?  So I have a proposition for you -- why don't you follow suit and mix it up a little bit?  Try the two-different-earrings thing -- it's a subtle bit of subterfuge, and it's a great way to personalize your accessories.  If all that hasn't convinced you, how about this one: it's a good conversation starter for the guy across the room who's been eyeing you.  Look at me, I've become a real modern Emma -- I've done my part, now you do yours.  Initiate, woman. 

Note:  unless you're planning on seriously shelling out for one earring, because let's face it, while Mr. Leane's designs are divine, they are also divinely expensive at around ₤250-300 for one earring.  So, you have a few other options --

Aud_earr1)  Mix up pairs of earrings that you already own

2) has a pair of mismatched earrings and a couple of singles for sale in the $24-55 range; and online boutique There's No Place Like Home has a pair of mismatched earrings available for $26AUD

3)  You could try your luck at ebay -- you know people are always trying to get rid of an earring that they lost the mate to.

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