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Back-to-School Clothes For Adults

8 Stylish Updates to Your Childhood Back-to-School Classics

The original: If you sported glasses as a kid, you might not have had much choice in the fit and style of your frames, nor in the nicknames you got, thanks to your prescription. Nothing like the oh-so-clever "hey, four-eyes!"

The update: Luckily, it's now hip, even hipster, to wear bold eyewear — so much so that people who don't have the need for glasses secretly have a pair stashed away. Instead of the kooky colors and patterns of our grade-school specs, we now prefer more neutral colors or just a bolder hue on the sides. If that sounds boring, fear not: there are still plenty of cool combinations, from cat eye to round and from stark black to ombré tortoiseshell.

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