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plum full of it?

Plum_sykes >>  So she writes books called The Debutante Divorcee -- Plum Sykes still has some good things to say:

I am not sure that I agree that the American heiress has ever gone out of style or will ever go out of style. I think she’s a classic. Actresses really do go in and out individually and it seems so flash in the pan. Actresses are creations of stylists, of studios, of movies; the clothes that they wear have nothing to do with where they come from. But the social girls have unbelievable style and taste, and that taste is always interesting to other women. If you take Nicole Richie, I don’t think she has intrinsic style. I think she puts on loads of beautiful clothes and she looks fine. But I think Marina Rust has an impeccable taste, style, history, glamour, which Nicole Richie will never have. It’s the genuineness that people respond to I think.

I'm not sure I agree with her about all the socialites -- part of her job for Vogue is to cover the society set, after all.  In fact, she's one of the society set herself, so she's probably just slightly biased.  But as to the part about Nicole Richie: Amen, sister!  I guess that's why Nicole Richie hasn't made to cover of Vogue yet...

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