Even The Queen's Umbrellas Match Her Outfits

Given the propensity for rain in the UK, it should come as no surprise that Queen Elizabeth II has a seemingly endless collection of umbrellas. Ever since her mother gave the Royal Warrant to Fulton in 1993, the women of the royal family have carried the brand's famous birdcage umbrellas, which have a deep, transparent bowl with a colored trim and handle. Of course, Queen Elizabeth has special treatment, and her umbrellas are custom made in shades to match her famous hats and coats. As you can see in our gallery, she's got everything from daffodil to burgundy in her brolly arsenal. Much like how she chooses bright colors so she can be seen easily in crowds, the see-through umbrellas mean those who've gathered to see her stand a chance of catching a glimpse of her face even when it's raining.

Though you probably won't be able to get a custom design to match every outfit you own, you can grab a spot of classic royal style for yourself. Fulton's adult birdcage umbrellas start at £20 (about $27) and are available with a variety of colored and printed borders, including designs from the likes of Lulu Guinness and Cath Kidston. The jury's out on whether we'll ever see the Queen sporting an umbrella with popsicles on it!