16 Tattoos Way More Permanent Than a Diamond Ring

We can see why people love getting ring-finger tattoos. You'll never lose it, it's always the right size, and it looks cool. Couples have even gotten matching ones to profess their love and stars like Behati Prinsloo got inked in lieu of a wedding ring. Though tattoos are a commitment — you'll likely have it forever — consider it the ultimate accessory for a fashion girl. It adds a little something-something to outfits; just ask these bloggers. And before you decide on a design, scroll through for some ink inspo.

Love This

A Tiny Bow

A Coordinated Set

Plain and Simple

Who Needs a Second Band?

Roman Numerals

ADouble Band

Lone Seashell

Tiny Dots

Just a Circle

A Simple Band Is Timeless

Two Rings Are Better Than One

Catch the Waves

In Full Bloom