Rita Ora's See-Through Fishnet Dress Puts an Edgy Twist on the Naked Trend

Rita Ora is never shy about putting her own spin on the latest fashion trends. For example, the star has fully embraced every permutation of the naked dress this summer, from a completely see-through lace number to the impressive sheer corset gown she wore to the Met Gala in May. But she took the trend in an edgier direction on July 13, when she wore a dramatic see-through fishnet dress to the British Vogue x Self Portrait Summer Party in London.

Ora's fishnet ensemble had the feel of a little black dress — if the little black dress was redesigned for a rock star. The dress itself included sequined detailing to create a shimmer effect as she moved. She then overlayed the see-through fishnet top layer over a simple, matching black lingerie set.

While her sheer dress is a statement piece all on its own, Ora added just the right amount of accessories to make her dramatic look stand out even more. The pop star donned a necklace and several bracelets that resembled barbed wire. She also wore a beaded green belly chain to add a small pop of color to an otherwise completely black and silver ensemble. Ora completed her look with silver, bedazzled boots.

In a May interview with Glamour UK, Ora opened up about the double standards women face in the industry, especially when it comes to commentary about how they lead their lives. "How do I think women are treated differently? Have you got all day?" she joked. "I've had it my whole career: having people judge what I wear, saying, 'Is she too naked?' Or, 'Can she say things like that?' I find it extremely misogynistic."

Over the years, Ora has learned to ignore the noise and embrace her own style, thanks in part to fashion trailblazers like Madonna. "She knew not everyone was going to agree with her. And she just did it anyway," she said of the '80s singer. "I'm thanking her for that, because that's given me the ability to be more outrageous, a bit more outlandish with things: how I dress, things I might say. I'm not perfect, but I think that's what keeps my fans entertained the most."

Take a closer look at Ora's edgy take on the naked trend ahead.

Rita Ora's See-Through Fishnet Dress
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Rita Ora's See-Through Fishnet Dress