Wait For It: This Blogger's Bachelorette Look Is About to Start a Trend

A flimsy veil attached to a party-store tiara has, in the past, been requisite attire for a bride at her bachelorette. Enter blogger Rocky Barnes, who celebrated her upcoming wedding with a crew in Miami, and upped the ante on the traditional look. For beach days and nights out, Rocky slipped into looks so "bridal," she might be setting a whole new bar for bachelorette looks — and the trends to go with it.

Instead of your usual "bride" emblazoned white one-pieces, she decked out a white bikini with a flowing see-through tulle cover-up, and topped it off with a veil-adorned Panama hat, resulting in a beach look so unexpectedly wedding-worthy, she could've walked down the aisle right then and there. And, since a bachelorette wardrobe is never complete without the "going out" look, Rocky skipped the skimpy white dress, and wore a full tulle skirt right over a pair of cutoffs, giving her a kind of Victoria's-Secret-Angel-meets-blushing-bride effect. The lesson? Bucking with tradition is always a good idea. We're pretty sure the blogger's bold moves are inspiration enough to ditch the predictable "bachelorette party package" and get as creative as you want to, whether or not you're getting married.

. . . Now, raise your hand if you're dying to see Rocky's wedding dress.