Ryan Destiny Talks Winter Fashion Trends and '90s Style Icons

Dec 2 2022 - 2:30pm

For her first venture into the world of fashion, Ryan Destiny [1] had a single philosophy in mind: create clothing she would actually step out in at any given moment.

"A lot of the pieces I definitely personally would wear," Destiny, 27, tells POPSUGAR. "That's where my headspace was at: I wanted to give people a little bit of me through these pieces, but I didn't put too much pressure on myself."

Earlier this year, PacSun tapped the "Grown-ish" [2] alum to launch her own namesake collection, and she's been releasing limited seasonal drops ever since. The latest holiday 2022 drop includes festive party-ready looks, like faux-leather corset tops paired with color-coordinated, on-trend cargo pants and boxy cropped blazers that are ideal for the office and postwork drinks alike.

"They're pieces that are simple and timeless so you can wear them for years," Destiny says. "It won't likely be something that goes out of style, so I love that part, too."

For Destiny — who just wrapped the forthcoming film "Flint Strong [3]," which chronicles the story of Claressa "T-Rex" Shields, the Flint, MI, native and world-champion boxer — one material in particular is a must, especially during the colder months.

"I'm a big leather fan," she says. "It's always sleek, fun, and warm, so we like that. But it's still very cute."

And when she's getting ready for a night out, the actor doesn't shy away from stacking on the embellishments. "I mean, I love layering up my jewelry with rings, necklaces, and earrings," Destiny says. "A night out can be really anything you want: you can pop a heel with it, and you can do that with literally all the pieces [in my collection]."

Ahead, Destiny walks through some of her favorite items from her PacSun drop, her '90s style icons, and the one element of her wardrobe that she's most looking forward to switching up this season.

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Weekendz Cropped Blazer

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Weekendz Cropped Blazer [5] ($59)

"Outerwear [can be] hard, so I just think of the stuff I like. I like oversized blazers for sure. I don't think they ever go out of style, and they're easy."

Ryan Destiny x PacSun London Button Down Shirt

Ryan Destiny x PacSun London Button Down Shirt [6] ($45)

"I definitely love a lot of oversized pieces. That was super important while doing this [collection] — to mix that in somewhere and make sure the stuff that was oversized and baggy was actually oversized and not just, you know, a regular-sized shirt. When I need to put together [an outfit] quickly, it has to have something oversized in there. And I either put jeans with it or a little skirt can work too if I wanted to dress it up more."

Ryan Destiny x PacSun VIP Strapless Bustier Top

Ryan Destiny x PacSun VIP Strapless Bustier Top [7] ($35)

"My top three ['90s style icons] that I can think of right now — one is Aaliyah [8]. Two would be — I always go back and forth between Britney [Spears] and Christina Aguilera [9]. Both of them were definitely similar, but they both have so many great inspirational styles. The third would probably be Janet Jackson [10]. I loved their street style. I always reference a lot of their music-video looks and performance looks. They were just so good. The quality of their outfits were so well-made back then. If you saw my phone, I have screenshots of them on stage and their music videos."

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Aspen Mesh Long Sleeve Top

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Aspen Mesh Long Sleeve Top [11] ($35)

"There are some mesh pieces from the first drop, and they came in sets. [For this collection], I wanted pieces to feel flexible. You can wear them in the daytime, and you can wear things at night and just layer more things up. And everyone's sort of drifting into being more vibrant and escaping neutrals. It's fun when you find those pieces that have color to them. [This season], I'm gonna be a bit more colorful."

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Low Rise Throwback Trousers

Ryan Destiny x PacSun Low Rise Throwback Trousers [12] ($52)

"I love a good denim [or pant] where it's low rise and sort of relaxed at the same time, so a boyfriend fit or a low-rise baggy fit is what I will be in. It fits my frame the best, too. I'm very pro low-rise, extremely. Literally. It's so funny, because I feel like it was so hard to find low-rise even two years ago. Now it's becoming a lot easier to find, but I definitely have always loved it. I don't think I ever escaped from it completely."

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