The Coolest Darn Outfits Serena Williams Has Ever Worn on the Tennis Court

Sep 26 2020 - 11:30am

Serena Williams's on-court fashion has become almost as legendary as her incredible tennis career [1]. Since she first burst onto the international scene years ago, she's developed a reputation for taking major risks with her competition style just as much as she does off the court [2], from edgy bodysuits [3] to unusual color combos and unexpected cuts.

Even as a risk-taker [4], though, her style always carries with it a sense of huge personality [5] and playful self-expression, which is something that can inspire all of us, no matter how good (or terrible) we might be with a tennis racket. Serena has had a ton of memorable looks over the years, but we've rounded up 35 of our favorites.

— Additional reporting by Allison Ingrum

Serena Williams Wearing a Short Black Bodysuit at the US Open in 2002

From the very start, Serena has been unafraid to make major fashion statements [7], and she made serious headlines not just for her US Open win in 2002, but for this short black bodysuit.

Serena Williams Wearing Orange Shorts at the Italia Masters in 2003

Even early in her career, Williams made some bold color choices, starting with these tangerine shorts and coordinating stripe on her top.

Serena Williams Wearing a Corseted Top at the Nasdaq 100 in 2004

The subtle silver lacing stripes on the bodice give this outfit almost a faux-corseted look, which isn't something you'd expect to see on the tennis court!

Serena Williams Wearing Black Pants at the Italia Tennis Masters in 2004

We're not sure what's more amazing about this outfit: the norm-defying sleek pants [8] or the personalized headband.

Serena Williams Wearing a Denim Skirt at the US Open in 2004

Williams caused quite a stir with her denim skirt [9] and studded top, giving her an edgy vibe that no one else could touch.

Serena Williams Wearing Pink and White at the WTA Tour Tennis Championships in 2004

Serena went ultragirly with this pink-and-white ruffled outfit.

Serena Williams Wearing a Printed Dress at the US Open in 2006

This bold print in metallic tones [10] is as attention-catching as Serena herself.

Serena Williams Wearing Red, White, and Blue at the Olympics in 2008

As you might expect, Serena was full-on patriotic representing her country at the Summer Olympics in Beijing, where she won the gold medal in doubles with her sister Venus.

Serena Williams Wearing Bold Blue Print at the Australian Open in 2009

This funky blue print was definitely one of Serena's standout looks: typical in silhouette but totally unique in print and color [11].

Serena Williams Wearing a Red Swoop Dress at the Medibank International in 2010

It's a bright, bold color scheme for one of the brightest and boldest players in tennis history. Sounds about right to us!

Serena Williams Wearing Pink Pants at the Madrid Open in 2010

You've heard of the skort, but what do you call skirt/pants? Whatever you call them, this hot pink and tangerine outfit is an amazing color and perfect for freedom of movement [12].

Serena Williams Wearing Hot Pink at the AEGON International in 2011

The hot pink ruffles and bold color of this outfit automatically make it one of her most memorable fashion moments on the court.

Serena Williams Wearing a Green Top at the Bank of the West Classic in 2011

The gorgeous emerald green and square neckline of this top make it stand out, and we love Serena's chunky heart pendant [13], too.

Serena Williams Wearing Navy, Red, and White at the Olympics in 2012

Not only did Serena wear her country's colors at the Olympics again, but she took it to the next level with a subtly patterned skirt that caught the light just right.

Serena Williams Wearing a Collared Shirt at the TEB BNP Paribas WTA Championships in 2012

The smart, sharp collar on this outfit make it stand out in a cute, preppy way, even if the colors are pretty standard for Serena.

Serena Williams Wearing a Purple Dress at the Australian Open in 2013

We'd be smiling too if we were wearing this fun purple dress [14] with a bright, cheery orange band and accessories.

Serena Williams Wearing a Striped Dress at the Sony Open in 2013

Serena upgraded a typical white tennis skirt with these multicolored stripes of color.

Serena Williams Wearing Teal and Orange at the Sony Ericsson Open in 2014

Bright colors in fun combinations are something of a hallmark for Serena. This outfit brings together a cool teal and cheery orange accents.

Serena Williams Wearing a Striped Skirt at the French Open in 2014

The top-and-shoe color coordination is top-notch, but the striped detail [15] of the skirt really takes this outfit to the next level.

Serena Williams Wearing Pink Leopard Print at the US Open in 2014

Hot pink plus all-over leopard print [16] equals an unforgettable look — and she's even coordinated her wristbands with a similar print.

Serena Williams Wearing a Cutout Dress at the Australian Open in 2015

Serena showed off her toned back with this cutout dress [17] in a gorgeous lime green.

Serena Williams Wearing Tritone Leopard Print at the French Open in 2015

Leopard print in one tone is one thing, but pairing it with a two-toned top, too? That's a move worthy of a legend.

Serena Williams Wearing a Printed Dress at the US Open in 2015

This detailed, fun printed dress makes a bold statement with some surprisingly subdued colors.

Serena Williams Wearing a Crop Top at the Australian Open in 2016

Sunny yellow and a ruffled skirt make this a pretty typical tennis outfit, but Serena takes it up a notch with the cropped top [18] showing her envy-worthy abs.

Serena Williams Wearing a Floaty Skirt at Wimbledon in 2016

The floaty skirt and high neck of Serena's Wimbledon outfit bring a hint of Marilyn Monroe vibes to the tennis court!

Serena Williams Wearing Pink Arm Warmers at the US Open in 2016

If anyone can pull off an '80s-inspired hot pink outfit [19], complete with arm warmers, it's got to be Serena.

Serena Williams Wearing Geometric Stripes at the Australian Open in 2017

With this outfit, Serena took a standard color palette and made it her own with an artfully mismatched set of geometric patterns.

Serena Williams Wearing a Black Bodysuit at the French Open in 2018

It was the bodysuit heard round the world! Serena's sleek, stylish bodysuit at the French Open caused some serious controversy [20] but made tennis fashion history, too.

Serena Williams Wearing a Purple Tutu at the US Open in 2018

In response to the bodysuit controversy, Serena showed up at her next competition with a wardrobe full of floaty tutu-inspired skirts including this beautiful lavender outfit [21].

Serena Williams Wearing Green at the Australian Open in 2019

This iconic emerald bodysuit [22], which she designed with Nike, features white and black stripes and a triangular cutout in the back. She called the outfit a "Serena-tard" [23] in a postmatch press conference, and honestly we're here for it.

Serena Williams Wearing an Empowering Black and White Outfit at the French Open in 2019

A year after the French Open banned her from wearing bodysuits [24], Serena showed up to her first match at the 2019 tournament in this empowering outfit [25] by Off-White and Nike. The miniskirt and zip-up jacket feature the words "mother," "champion," "queen," and "goddess" in French.

Serena Williams Wearing White Cut Outs at Wimbledon in 2019

Serena had a new take on the classic white tennis dress with these cutouts at Wimbledon in 2019.

Serena Williams Wearing Orange Long Sleeves at the Auckland Open in 2020

Serena emerged for her first-round doubles match with partner Caroline Wozniacki [26] at the 2020 ASB Classic in this bold, orange long-sleeved dress.

Serena Williams Wearing a Purple Pattern at the Australian Open in 2020

Serena never shies away from a bold pattern. Her purple dress with black and white spots for the 2020 Australian Open is no different, and we love it!

Serena Williams Wearing Red at the US Open in 2020

Yet again, Serena sported a bright, eye-catching look at the US Open [27] this year. Even her shoes, arm bands, and hair tie matched this time!

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