Kate_vogueuk_1 >> Love Vogue UK's marketing strategy:  Kate Moss.  She was on the September 2005 cover, and now she's on the March 2006 cover (i.e. the two biggest Vogues of the year).  Alexandra Shulman, editor of Vogue UK, was recently quoted saying, "I think one of the reasons why Kate Moss has made such a quick re-entry is because people need her.  There aren't many models out there who people recognise."  She also vowed "to find some new cover personalities."  Hopefully she will stick to her words, and this will mark the beginning of a move back to using models more consistently on covers.  In any case... presenting Miss Moss in Louis Vuitton.

UPDATE:  Here's the rest of the photoshoot from inside.

**source: ohnotheydidn't