The Scary Reason It's Time to Ditch Your Skinny Jeans

Relaxed jeans may seem like just a passing trend, but the evidence is mounting: the era of skinny jeans is coming to an end. We have spent too many years yanking and pulling ourselves into too-tight denim, and now we have a good reason to trade in our skinnies forever: our health.

A medical journal cited a recent case in which a woman was hospitalized for four days after her skinny jeans cut off the blood supply to her legs, causing her to collapse. The 35-year-old Australian resident developed a condition called compartment syndrome after spending the day squatting and cleaning out cupboards while wearing tight jeans. Her swollen legs in combination with the skintight denim led to numbness and nerve and muscle damage. Scary, right?

This case may not be the norm, but the idea that our denim could put us in danger is something we just can't let go of. So while we were already moving to trade in our skinnies for this season's '70s-inspired flares and wide-leg styles, it seems like this may be the final push we needed to switch our loyalty for good. Read on for 21 superchic (relaxed-fit) alternatives that, along with the latest medical scare, will convince you it's time to tuck away those skinny jeans for something a little more flattering and comfortable instead.