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so apparently sevens really are "for all mankind"

so apparently sevens really are "for all mankind"

Sass_bide_2_2 >> Last month it was Citizens of Humanity...this month True Religion...what will be next?  Tsubi? Sass and Bide? Le Temps de Cerises?  All I know is that the age of designer denim has returned; an age in which people are willing to pay $200 and up for one pair of jeans, as long as they're the "right ones."  Yes, I'm talking about that pair that performs a butt lift and liposuction on your thighs, falls to just the right length at your ankles, is comfortable to wear, and even rolls over and plays dead if you ask it.  There's been so much hype, they're even making movies about magical pairs of jeans that fit four very different sized girls well.  It seems as of late that the perfect pair of jeans has become everyone's new Holy Grail -- I mean, even the "fashionistas" at Time Magazine have taken notice -- they recently wrote an article mocking people who pay bigtime for their jeans to have the bejeezus pounded, ground, scrubbed and ripped out of them.

I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty damn tired of seeing A pockets every two seconds.  At least try out some Stitch's... or some Paige Premiums, people.  Or better yet,Sass_bide_jeans_1  go out on a limb.  Eliminate the jean-dependency that seems to be so prevalent, especially now that jeans becoming more and more acceptable in the workplace.  I'll be the first to admit that I'm just as guilty as you are at wearing jeans every other day, if not more often.  But think about it -- once you put on a pair of jeans, half your outfit is made.  That's why everyone likes them so much in the first place.  Not only that, but pretty much everything goes with jeans.  On the flip side, however, you're losing some of your creative potential -- it's almost lazy to put on a pair of jeans. You could be wearing a skirt or pants that are much more likely to make you stand out from the rest of the denim-wearing populace, but instead you (and I) go for the easy route...the security blanket.  No matter how much you pay for the jeans you're wearing, at first glance, all jeans look like...jeans.  So join me, doff those crazy expensive i-know-five-other-people-that-have-these-jeans, and try a few other looks on your bottom half.  Really, in the summer you don't have an excuse -- skirts are much cooler in the sun -- so use that as your crutch, if need be.  This isn't the '80s, and Brooke Shields isn't a hot young Calvin Klein model -- so you don't have to listen to her any more -- it's okay to let something come between you and your jeans.

If you simply can't wean yourself off your denimy fetish, at least join the "Jeans of the Month" club at and keep up with the Joneses.  The president of the club, Gretchen Monahan, tries to "look for under the radar styles, sleeper styles."  That way, at least, you won't be like the rest of mankind.   

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