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sock it to me

>> Socks haven't been fashionable since the 80's, when they were layered neon horrors with cuffs at the top.  But then we were also sporting hairties on our t-shirts and half a can of hairspray in our hair at the time, so you could argue that things were all around slightly nutty. 

Basix_pink_1Blue_socks_1In any case, I think it's about time socks had another chance to shine -- it has been a good 20 years, after all.  French designer Delphine Murat must agree, because she has recreated socks in a way that actually makes them quite appealing.  Her line of minisocks, come in five different styles (including my favorite, the basix, left), and a million bajillion different colors and textures to accomodate your taste.  And they won't be really dorky looking (like most socks would be) if you wore them with ballet flats -- in fact, they would be quite cute.  Not only that, but they add that little touch that sets you apart from everyone and their mom who is wearing ballet flats right now.  Here's the only problem -- while they are available in Europe, Japan, and the UAE, they aren't sold anywhere here in the States.  They are selling a few styles online, but for the life of me, I have not been able to figure out how to work the online shop.  Embarrassing, I know.

Ankle_socks_1 So I've come up with an equally-as-cute alternative -- wearing ankle socks with your heels (or flats, for that matter).  I've been noticing this style for a while now in the Anthropologie catalogue and have been wanting to try it out.  It adds a great feminine touch, and it's not like you see people doing this style every day.  So I say, why do socks have to be sucky looking, when they can be "socksy," instead?  There's just no excuse.      

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