These 12 Fashion Terms Are About to Trend All the Way Through 2017

Being a fashion girl is hard work. We keep up with all the latest trends, decide whether or not they're for us — or perhaps if we wish to work them in our own unique way — and keep a record of inspirational looks from celebs and bloggers alike. The struggle.

Just kidding. Actually, learning about interesting new styling ideas and designers is what keeps the fashion wheel spinning, making for fresh outfits on our Instagram feeds that we end up re-creating ourselves. In 2016 alone, we were introduced to a whole glossary of unforgettable fads that we tried on for size.

Some of the 12 terms ahead offer descriptions of fresh silhouettes that have invited head turns. Some of them establish a different way of wearing an old piece of clothing. And plenty of them are words or phrases your favorite It models have gotten behind, giving rise to new trends. Read on to brush up on your lingo.

Sock Boot
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Sock Boot

Definition: The sock boot hits you at midcalf and features a pointed toe. You pull these on and roll up your jeans, or rock 'em with Daisy Dukes like Hailey Baldwin. For warmer months, you can get these in luxe fabrics like velvet, and for holiday, Stuart Weitzman rolled out its sure-to-become-iconic Clinger. But Yeezy's stretch version is an obvious classic, too.

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Definition: A nylon puff coat that can be worn a number of ways: belted, off the shoulder à la Balenciaga's Fall 2016 collection, or secured all the way to the top. Outerwear has gone extreme: it's the bigger the better, and being cozy has never looked so chic.

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See Now, Buy Now
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See Now, Buy Now

Definition: As we entered Fashion Week Spring 2017, we knew we were about to see a mix of product on the runways: some that we could buy now, others we'd have to wait for. Many designers like Burberry and Tom Ford debuted their Fall 2016 collections, though it was technically the "wrong" season. In 2017, we're bound to see more of the alternative option, proving that clothes have become seasonless and the consumer prefers pieces to be available at a moment's notice.

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Definition: A bag that's less what your dad wore around Disney in the '90s and more Karl Lagerfeld-tough. Girls are swinging these to the side or the back, piling in their essentials, and making accessorizing appear an afterthought. Use one to break up a coordinated set or to cinch your new coat, hands free.

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Definition: Who calls them "sneakers" anymore? Some girls refer to their flat walking shoes as Stan Smiths, but the trainer is where it's at if you want to accomplish the latest form of athleisure. While these look like running sneakers, they're totally sophisticated in design, usually coming in the form of mesh and neutral colors. Hence, the Yeezy Boost.

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Mom Jeans
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Mom Jeans

Definition: Mom jeans are loose like boyfriend jeans, but these are less slouchy. Instead, they sit high on your waist and feature standout pockets with a straight leg. The latest styles come in patchwork with distressed or asymmetrical hemlines, like Miroslava Duma's.

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Definition: A monokini must absolutely feature two wide side cutouts, but plenty of them are complete with additional snips, like Emily Ratajkowski's. This year, ladies got even more inventive with their swimwear, opting for full-pieces over bikinis, but turning up the sex appeal by finding ways to show skin. The monokini is an easy answer.

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Definition: Whether they're opting for Rihanna's Fenty x Puma version or choosing the Gucci loafer, ladies are looking to slip into a flat that's a lot less simple but definitely backless. Though the most ornate styles come in jacquard or are covered in fur, this silhouette has an undeniably sporty appeal. "What are you wearing with that midi?" "My slides."

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Definition: The duster coat comes in satin or silk — a favorite of Chrissy Teigen's — but wool versions still count (Gigi Hadid even lets hers drag on the ground). Either way, these give your outfit a little bedtime allure, and you can use them to play with proportions.

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Definition: Bomber jackets definitely made it big in 2016, but then models and bloggers found an alternative way to wear them, unrolling the top of the sleeve off the shoulder. This appears most luxe when your bomber comes in silk, but these pieces are also good for a little embroidery, should you want to jazz up your outermost layer.

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Pussy Bow

Definition: Sure, the internet went crazy over the term when Melania Trump wore her Gucci pussy-bow blouse to the presidential debate, but really, fashion insiders have appreciated the modest trend for a while. Whether you use a skinny scarf to tie a loopy knot at your neck or shop for a top that's already complete with the Victorian-inspired feature, it's a feminine look that's sticking around.


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Bag Lady
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Bag Lady

Definition: Fashion girls refer to themselves as "bag ladies" when their hands are full. A tote on her arm here, a satchel swung around her shoulder there — she's got so many belongings and not enough space. But, as Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen prove, there's a chic solution when you coordinate your leathers and colorways.

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