5 Rules For Sunglasses Shopping Like a Professional

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As a self-ascribed sunglasses connoisseur, I'm constantly searching for pairs to add to my collection. So you'd think said collection is pretty huge, right? Wrong. As excited as I get over glittery Miu Miu cat eyes and Wildfox's round, retro designs, they never end up flattering my face shape — in my opinion anyway. Whether it's that my brows are too visible, rising high over the top of the frame, or that the lens color doesn't mesh well with my skin tone, eyewear shopping has never ended well for me.

Both tired of my frustrations and inspired by Kate Young's collection for Tura that I previewed, I reached out to Jennifer Coppel, the vice president of brand management at Tura Eyewear. Jennifer offered me five trustworthy rules for sunglasses shopping, then answered my burning questions like, "Should your optical lenses be the same silhouette as your shades?" and "Does your hair color have to match your glasses?" Scroll for five tips you should remember next time you're on the prowl for a new pair, then check out our interview with Jennifer, and shop the styles she recommends based on your own face shape.

The Five Simple Rules of Sunglasses Shopping

1. Opposites Attract: Look for a sunglass shape that is the opposite shape of your face. For example, if your face is rounder, look for a square or rectangular sunglass.
2. Create a Balance: Look for a size that balances your face. For example, if your face is smaller on top and larger on the bottom, you need an oversize frame to create balance top-to-bottom.
3. Size Matters: Check the size and/or description to determine if the size is right for you. Size is even more important than shape. An oversize frame on a petite face will overwhelm it.
4. Look to the Past: Look at the sunglasses you've purchased in the past, analyze the shape, and then try to find an "update" in a fresh new color or new material.
5. It's All About the Frame: It's really about trying on the frame. Until you try on the frame, you won't know if it flatters you. Try on lots of frames!

Should Your Sunglasses and Optical Lenses Take the Same Shape?

"Yes, typically a shape that works well on your face for a sunglass will also work well for an eyeglass. However, you can be much more extreme with your sunglass shape. For example, in a sunglass you can wear a very extreme cat eye shape, but in an eyeglass you may want to tone down the shape a bit. Without a dark lens, it will look too extreme. Also, many faces will benefit from an eyeglass shape that is a little more angular in the corners, whereas this is much less important in a sunglass shape."

Should Your Skin Tone and Hair Color Complement Your Sunglasses?

"Just like with face shape, the rule of contrast applies to color. Colors that contrast your skin tone typically work better. Also, colors that match your hair color will be very wearable and flattering."

What Is the Most Universally Classic Pair of Sunglasses?
Courtesy of Tura

What Is the Most Universally Classic Pair of Sunglasses?

"The most classic is a tortoise square shape, a shape similar to the Wayfarer."

What's 1 Common Error People Make When Shopping For Sunglasses?

"They don't pay attention to the fit. A bad bridge fit will make the sunglasses sit too low or fall down often. I also often see people in frames that are too big or too small for their face."

If Your Face Is Round . . .

If Your Face Is Round . . .

Go for something oversize and square, like the Kate Young x Tura Colette Sunglasses ($280).

If Your Face Is Heart . . .

If Your Face Is Heart . . .

Go for a small aviator with a strong brow, like the Kate Young x Tura Sabine Sunglasses.