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Tyra_banks >>  Last Thursday, WWD published a top-ten list of the most recognizable supermodels, ranked by the percentage of the 1,800 polled who said they were familiar with the model's name.  Some interesting results (funny how what's hot in the fashion world and what's hot with the general populace are two toooootally different things):
1)  Tyra Banks, 78%
2)  Cindy Crawford, 77%
3)  Christie Brinkley, 73%
4)  Naomi Campbell, 67%
5)  Kate Moss, 56%
6)  Elle Macpherson, 51%
7)  Heidi Klum, 46%
8)  Rachel Hunter, 45%
9)  Gisele Bundchen, 29%
10)  Christy Turlington, 28%
Gisele may be the top-paid model, and Kate may have had a comeback, but Tyra can talk, and apparently that's what the general populace wants to hear.

I would also like to note how fantastic it is that two black women are on the list (with one in first place, no less) -- perhaps designers should take more note when they're casting their shows -- black women seem to be underrepresented on the runway lately. 

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