If You Don't Own These Target PJs, Ahem — Allow Me to Change Your Life

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About two years ago, I decided to be a cute-pajamas person. For most of my life, I slept in whatever old, soft high-school sports t-shirt I could find, along with some cotton shorts or probably-too-big flannel pants. And then I bought this miraculously cozy, insanely cute, wonderfully affordable pajama set from Target, and from the moment I slipped on the pieces, I was a changed woman. My sleep improved! My skin cleared! Fine, not really, but I did look and feel much better when I crawled into bed each night.

Fast-forward and I now own, oh, precisely eight sets of said pajamas in three different colors. So what, exactly, makes the Gilligan & O'Malley pajama set so great? Let me count the ways.

  • The set is soft from the get-go. Like, shirt-you've-worn-and-washed-for-decades soft. Like, let-me-cocoon-myself-in-this-fabric-forever soft. Like, bury-me-in-these-pajamas soft. JK, too far, but you know what I mean.
  • They don't shrink! I've tossed my pajama sets in the dryer a million times (ish), and they're still the same size.
  • The PJs are perfect for getting ready. If you've ever done your hair and makeup while wearing your PJs, only to have your hard work get smeared or tousled as you take off your top, then you understand the appeal of button-up shirts. With this set, you'll have no problem; a few of my friends even gifted these sets to bridesmaids as their official "getting-ready" wear.
  • You can truly buy in bulk. At $20 a set, the pajamas are affordable enough that you can justify purchasing an entire stack . . . plus a pair for a friend! (They'll love you forever.)

Keep reading to scope out and shop what are sure to become your go-to pajamas, then add to your cozy collection with some of Fall's best, most snuggly pieces.