You Can Now Rent an Instagram Husband For All Your Fashion Week Needs

We can't all live the life of an It girl or blogger, with photographers — or supernice significant others — capturing our street style moves. But if you're willing to shell out some dough, you can now get a taste of how the other half lives. Just in time for New York Fashion Week, TaskRabbit — a site that connects users with skilled "taskers" — is promoting photography and other services under the label "Instagram Husband." For a small fee, you can hire someone to snap your latest #OOTD (and edit it!), help with sample returns, or even carry your bags — no real relationship required.

While these are "tasks" the site offers on a regular basis, it's a funny way to market them — and could be super helpful during such a hectic week (or if you're trying to start a blog). Head to TaskRabbit for more information, or just master the mirror selfie with these tips.