Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid's Outfits Will Legit Make You Wonder What Year It Is

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If we were planning an outfit to wear to our BFF's house on a Friday in 1994, it would look a lot like Taylor Swift's, which then begs the question: when did a cat t-shirt, faded black jean shorts, bubblegum pink sunglasses, and chunky-soled trainers (reminiscent of LA Gear light-ups) become cool enough for the 20-something pop star to wear to lunch with Gigi Hadid? We're not exactly sure, but here we are. In 2018.

Let's remember that the off-duty uniform beloved by models and celebs in seasons before has been some iteration of denim, ankle boots, a tee or tank, and a certainly something sexier than this. Even Gigi looks like she's headed to her best friend's sleepover with a laid-back hoodie (Taylor's merch), faded black jeans, similar sneakers, and a glittery Chanel bag that looks like it was plucked from Jenna Rink's dream closet. The only thing they're missing is their sticker-covered Trapper Keepers. So, why do we like it so much?

Well, maybe it's the nostalgia of it all, but it's also the "I'll wear what I'm comfortable and happy in, thank you very much." There's something refreshing about ditching the body-con tanks and crop tops and just reaching for the critter-covered tee and comfy kicks we couldn't get enough of in elementary school.