This Fashion Blogger Found the Dreamiest Summer Dress to Wear to a Wedding in Cannes

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Deciding what to wear to a wedding as a guest can be tricky. But, one rule we've heard time and time again is that you should never wear a cream-colored dress to a wedding. So, we were surprised when we saw fashion blogger Valentina Ferragni had found the perfect way of wearing cream without really breaking the rule.

While at a wedding in Cannes, Valentina wore a dark cream Alberta Ferretti gown that featured pink lace overlay and intricate floral embroidery on the sides of the dress. Her gorgeous gown proves that you can wear cream to a wedding as long as you choose one that has colorful accents or embroidery. Have a look at her amazing styling hack and buy similar versions of her gown ahead.

The Bride, Romy Blanga, Wore a Strapless White Gown With Lace Embroidery

The Wedding Took Place in Cannes, France

Valentina Ferragni Wore a Stunning Cream-Colored Gown

Her Sister Chiara Ferragni Also Attended the Wedding

She Chose a Light Green Chiffon Dress

Valentina's Alberta Ferretti Dress Featured Pink Lace and Floral Embroidery Going Down the Sides