The New Vogue Issue Is Filled With Beautiful Postcards From the Fashion World

Apr 23 2020 - 8:11am

Vogue has released a special issue titled "Our Common Thread" for its June/July 2020 feature, introduced with a powerful editor's letter from Anna Wintour [1]. Anna touches on the challenges our world has faced over the course of the past month and beyond and hopes the rose she chose for the cover, an unpublished photograph called "Rose, Colour Wonder" by Irving Penn from 1970, paints the picture of joy and hope. "Mr. Penn's decades of pictures for Vogue were always adept at conveying both deep emotion and journalistic acuity. I was always proud of every image of his that we published, and this one is no different. I'm also pretty sure that he would have loved it," she wrote.

"Our Common Thread" refers to the fundraising video series [2] launched by the publication and the CFDA weeks ago — a platform where designers and industry leaders are invited to talk about how their businesses have been affected by the COVID-19 crisis. Hearing from the fashion world is also, appropriately, the theme of the magazine for the season. In addition to the powerful cover (it's the first time the cover has taken the form of a still-life in more than 50 years), Vogue asked models, designers, editors, artists, celebrities, and photographers to send postcards from home [3] that reflect their shifting routines and lives during lockdown. They are all a form of beautiful self-expression that can be appreciated for both image and text, and you'll love reading them. When you scroll through, you'll be able to see a few of our favorite submissions, but Vogue has promised more will be released within the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Kim Kardashian's Postcard From Home For Vogue

"We're in the theater room. That's the place that has gotten the most use lately. The whole family has spent the last few nights in there after the kids made it into a fort, with, like, different beds all over the floor. My daughter is the fort police. If you move out of your bed that she designated for you, it's a problem." — Kim Kardashian [5], from Los Angeles

Ashley Graham's Postcard From Home For Vogue

"My husband, Justin, my son, and I have been out here on my aunt's farm. Being here means so much to me. This is where I would come every summer to see my family and be with my cousins. The most important thing has been remembering to 'fear not.' Turn your TV off, get off social media, and remember not just to think positively, but to speak it, too." — Ashley Graham, from Nebraska

Marc Jacobs's Postcard From Home For Vogue

"I never thought a dress was a solution to a problem, but I do believe that as long as people are human, they'll want to dance and they'll want to get dressed and they'll want to eat good food and they'll want to engage in things that give them pleasure. I guess we just have to find a balance, or maybe rethink what all those things mean. But we all should be thinking about how we can change — or what we learned from this experience." — Marc Jacobs, from New York

Kendall Jenner's Postcard From Home For Vogue

"This is my happy place, reading in my home in front of my new James Turrell piece that I'm very proud of. Turrell is an artist I've wanted in my home for a long time, not only for the beauty of his work but for the purpose. His pieces are meant to be meditative. They make me feel calm and help put my mind at ease — I'm usually listening to one of the many ambient playlists I have. I believe, especially in the current climate, that keeping a good mental state is important . . . " — Kendall Jenner, from Los Angeles

Vogue's June/July 2020 Cover

"Speaking of joy, I feel that every time I look at our cover, an unpublished (and breathtaking) photograph — Rose 'Colour Wonder,' 1970 — by that master of image-making Irving Penn," Anna Wintour wrote in her editor's letter.

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