This 1 Accessory Will Instantly Revamp Any Look — and It's Already Sitting in Your Closet

POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich
POPSUGAR Photography | Mark Popovich
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In our dream world, we'd shrug on any ol' dress, pants, or jacket and it would fit us like a glove, flattering our specific shape while requiring zero alterations. But, alas, real life doesn't work that way, and all those trips to the tailor? They can get pretty pricey, not to mention annoying. So instead we search for ways to figure it out on our own, trying out hacks that'll make every piece seem custom, from cuffing to rolling and our all-time favorite, belting.

Yep, belting has solved many a fashion dilemma, from paper-bagging pants to highlighting curves in loose shifts, and everyone from Princess Mary to Olivia Palermo's a fan. Scroll through to see all the ways you can use an itty-bitty belt to revamp your look, then stock up on a few great options to keep in your closet.


Belt a Dress So It Cinches Your Waist


Dare to Do the Same With a Jumpsuit


A Belt Will Give You Some Shape Underneath a Baggy Piece


And Make Every Outfit Figure-Flattering


Even Shirts Can Be Belted


And So Can Outerwear


It's a Great Way to Amp Up Jeans


Double-Buckles Are Loved by Models and Bloggers Alike


While Obi Belts Give Off Boho Vibes


Did We Mention This Accessory Is Also Practical?


They'll Make Baggy Bottoms Fit — and Save You a Trip to the Tailor!