I've never had major problems finding the right bra for a particular top, but I have a bigger-busted friend for whom finding the right bra is a constant battle. Over the weekend, she and I got ready together before heading out for a night on the town, and that is when I witnessed her struggle. She wore a halter top, much like this Theory Kensy Halter Top ($180). Having fairly large breasts, she stays away from strapless bras because they give her that unflattering line across her chest. She wanted to wear her regular bra but didn't want the straps to show because of the halter cut.

To see what my friend and I did to solve the bra strap problem,

Sturdy sewing thread, like this Madeira 18-Spool Sewing Thread Set ($29), is the answer to bra straps with halter tops. However, if you can wear a strapless bra with your halter top that is your best option. But if you get those funky lines that cut across your breasts, the following may work for you. Disclaimer: Make sure your halter top isn't one with spaghetti straps or a V-front. In order for this to work, it must be a mock neck or high-neck halter.

  • Wear your bra and not your halter top. It's preferable if your bra and halter color match just in case it peeps out.
  • Have a long piece of sturdy sewing thread (about 12 inches) nearby.
  • Take your left bra strap in your left hand, and your right bra strap in your right hand, and pull them both in front of you until they touch across the middle of your chest.
  • You may need the assistance of another person at this point. Grab the thread and tie it around your two bra straps, which are still in front of you. Go around as many times with the string until you feel your bra straps are secure across your chest. Cut the remaining thread so you have a clean knot.
  • Wear your halter top and you'll notice your bra straps are now hidden underneath the top because they are in the front middle of your chest!