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Açaí Is Super But Won't Aid in Weight Loss

Açaí Is Super But Won't Aid in Weight Loss

When something is classified as a superfood, that doesn't mean it's invincible. Açaí is healthy because it's an excellent source of antioxidants, fiber, amino acids, and heart-healthy fatty acids that aid in digestion. All of those qualities have led experts to call the berry a superfood, but its popularity was turned into something of a scheme when it began to be marketed as a weight-loss aid.

Sales of açaí products multiplied over the last year as more consumers discovered the benefits of the nutritious fruit and some companies learned how to take advantage of the growing hype by including the berry in weight-loss products. An ABC reporter and her husband put one of these products to the test and concluded, "All we were was constipated. And still fat. And feeling ripped off."

To hear medical advice from Dr. Oz on the super berry and weight loss,


The doubtful couple isn't the only suspicious party — Dr. Oz of Oprah fame has his own opinions. While he's confident about the health benefits of açaí, Dr. Oz says that he doubts the berry alone can trigger weight loss. There's no quick fix to losing weight — no magical berries that will eliminate extra pounds — and we should stick to methods that aren't too good to be true when we're trying to slim down.


MrQ MrQ 8 years
It was refreshing to read a review about Acai Berry NOT being about weight loss. It being such a great fruit I hate to see it not get noticed for all the ggod things that it really does for a person. I found a decent Acai Berry-Anti weight loss website. It is at and they talk about how it all has nothing to do with weight loss.
Francoisehardly Francoisehardly 8 years
I didn't even know people were promoting it that way. I heard of it because of the nutrition it's said to have.
bento-barista bento-barista 8 years
Açai is yummy but there is just no such thing as any one food that will help you lose weight.
Leanne1078 Leanne1078 8 years
Thank you!!! This is an issue that has been bothering me since the ads showed up all over the place. While Acai is a great berry and full of nutritional value, it is not any kind of miracle! And seriously, some of the products out there are not good quality at all! If you can buy 100% pure Acai juice with 30,000 mg of the berry per ounce, why on earth would you choose to spend more for a product that makes unfounded claims and is only 1,000 mg per serving (and who knows what kind of quality?)!
yasume yasume 8 years
I use the Acai pulp in my smoothies along with other fruits. It is apart of my overall daily health. Alone, it is an acquired taste. I have never thought of it as a weight loss method. Once again, people are looking for the quick fix and companies know that, so its marketed for weight loss for sales. I believe in the tried and true method of eating healthy and exercise, period.
mod16 mod16 8 years
duhh.. if there were a magical berry to help aid in weight loss, everyone would be skinny.. and that is definitely not the case
nals33 nals33 8 years
Hmm..good to know. My coworker gave me a her sample bottle of Açaí pills..but I haven't taken em. (She didn't want em because she couldn't drink 8 glasses of water a day.) I'll stick to working out &being vegetarian. :P
flamingo08 flamingo08 8 years
pomegranate has a lot of the same qualities but tastes WWWAY better, in my opinion...
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
it's interesting how quickly people get on the band wagon to buy things when they are talked about in the media. i know that acai has a lot of value, but to put that much importance on one little product - come on. i think that it's a good addition to your diet since you'll get a lot of nutrients that your body needs, but weight loss - just stick to what you guys already know.
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