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At-Home Bodyweight Workouts

8 No-Equipment Workouts You Can Do Just About Anywhere — Cardio Included

Even if you don't belong to a gym or own any fitness equipment, you can still work out on the regular. Bodyweight workouts can be done anywhere — including your living room. Consider those obstacles impeding your fitness life removed.

Here are eight complimentary workouts for you to cycle through. We've even included some cardio workouts. Yes! You can raise your heart rate without hopping on any cardio equipment. Check out the workouts, find one that works for you (or eight!), put your fitness time on your calendar (or follow this 31-day plan featuring these workouts), and then get at it. Happy sweating!

1. Busy Woman's Workout

This is one quick and effective workout! Every move is a serious multitasker, working multiple areas at once. Get more details on the exercises here. Then get at it — we know you're pressed for time.

2. At-Home Cardio

Keep your heart rate up while building muscles with this cardio workout. Need a refresher on the exercises? Read up on the moves here.

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3. Get Long and Lean

All the moves in this workout have a stretching component to them, so you will lengthen your muscles while you strengthen them. We have a tutorial on the exercises here.

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4. No-Running Cardio

Whether it is too hot to run outside or you just have an aversion to running (no worries — we get it), you can get your cardio done in your living room. Learn the specifics of each move here, then get after it.

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5. Focus on Your Legs and Abs

This is a full-body workout, but the exercises target the legs and abs nicely. If you are unfamiliar with the moves, you can learn how to do the exercises here.

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6. Tabata Time!

Here's a quick and effective HIIT workout, done Tabata-style. We combined a cooldown with some core work to make sure your entire body is worked. Here are details on the 20-minute workout. And here's an interval timer app to help keep you on track of when to work and when to rest.

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7. Full-Body Workout

Here's a great workout when you're pressed for time. Featuring basic exercises like squats and push-ups, your entire body will be worked. Click here for details on the exercises.

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8. Work Your Abs — Without Crunches

Skip the crunches and target your abs with these full-body exercises that work your core from all angles. Learn the finer points of the moves here.

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