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Blast Fat and Sculpt Your Arms, Shoulders, and Back With This At-Home Workout

10-Minute Arm Workout Video

Get Sexy Shoulders and Toned Triceps With Our Tank-Top Workout

Tank top season is on its way! Get ready for all those sleeveless fashions with this 10-minute workout from celeb trainer Holly Perkins. The exercises target the upper body to create shapey shoulders. Grab a set of dumbbells, press play, and follow Holly as she leads you through the moves.

Lauren15403249 Lauren15403249 3 years
how many days a week are you supposed to do this? every other day?
Patricia15290696 Patricia15290696 3 years
Great little workout! I only have 10 lb weights so my arms are shaking right now!
Kristen14596624 Kristen14596624 4 years
This was so amazing! And you guys are so nice!
lsanchez2 lsanchez2 4 years
i really enjoyed doing this arm workout!! it's great!
princessmarfil princessmarfil 4 years
I love this!!!!!!!!!!
KikeFit KikeFit 4 years
I really like that 45 degree bicep-curl! -This workout is super for my arms!
Desiree-Heroux Desiree-Heroux 4 years
What an amazing 10 minute arm buster. I'm feeling stronger already
HaleyW HaleyW 4 years
I did this yesterday - I'm feeling it today! Amazing arm workout!
Barbara3078924 Barbara3078924 5 years
Brilliant this is just what I needed to do at home. How long will it take to see results if I do theses exercises every other day.\u00a0
Ruth2705689 Ruth2705689 5 years
great workout! thanks for sharing!
Mtirado Mtirado 5 years
Loved this workout! It's exactly what I was looking for! How many times a week should I do it? How soon will I see results?
Susi-May Susi-May 5 years
yolanda6 that's a great combination of Class FitSugars and a great way to start your day!
yolanda6 yolanda6 5 years
Great workout. This combined with the Jeanette Jenkins 10 Min. Workout is an awesome way to start your day ladies :)
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