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10-Minute Bootcamp Workout by Jeanette Jenkins

Fat Blasting 10-Minute Workout Video With Jeanette Jenkins

This 10-minute fat blasting workout video, created for FitSugar by the Hollywood trainer Jeanette Jenkins, will get your heart rate up and work your entire body. Press play and follow along as Jeanette leads you through reps of five intense exercises, which all give a little extra focus to toning the booty.

For this workout all you need is a set of dumbbells, between five and eight pounds, and enough space to kick and lunge. Ready to work your booty? Then bring it!

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Jessica15401719 Jessica15401719 3 years
That was awesome!
Kaleonahe Kaleonahe 3 years
This workout was awesome! Love these 10-minute workouts, knowing there's something I can do in little time to stay in shape is more inspiring! Love it FitSugar.
emmahez emmahez 3 years
killer workout! it gets the job done for sure! and being a mom, 10 minutes is about as much time as i get to workout and I cant leave the home to get to the gym, this couldn't be more perfect to get into shape and still have enough time to take on my busy days. LOVE IT!
GUbar GUbar 4 years
Wow, I haven't seen this one! Jeanette Jenkins really kicks your butt with her workouts. I wish they had a couple more with her and Teddy Bass. I love his workouts too.
fitsimmons fitsimmons 4 years
First time doing this today. Kicked my butt.
roxy1616 roxy1616 4 years
Love this workout!!!
stephnlee stephnlee 4 years
This is my favorite workout so far, since I have signed up for fitsugar. Thank you!
HaleyW HaleyW 4 years
I LOVE JEANETTE!!! I only had time to do this once today, but I plan on doing it twice tomorrow, this was FANTASTIC!! Totally kicked my butt!
tatibo tatibo 4 years
too bad i don't have much space in my room...:(
yolanda6 yolanda6 5 years
Just did this workout. Sweating like I ran 10 miles. That's a good thing BTW
Carolyn2657963 Carolyn2657963 5 years
Great workout!! Looking forward to trying it!
ElleHinson ElleHinson 5 years
I love this workout!\u00a0 I am so sore in all the right places!
ready4anewme ready4anewme 5 years
This was amazing!!!!! Had trouble with the burpee (Im overweight) but did my best and everything else was terrific. Only 10 minutes and Im sweating up a storm...
Riza2374416 Riza2374416 5 years
Always start my workout with this routine coz it gets me burning. Thanks.
MaryPrettyLou MaryPrettyLou 5 years
She doesn't waste a second. Love the various moves and felt the burn with every step. Loved this challenge!
justdance4 justdance4 5 years
This video works you hard! It is great!
Cindee2521583 Cindee2521583 5 years
That was awesome.  do you know about how many calories that 10 min burns?
Patricia2500605 Patricia2500605 5 years
U have to try this workout. It will kick ur ass.
Captivate Captivate 5 years
Wow, these exercises are killer.
tkpontiac tkpontiac 5 years
Loved this workout! It got me up out of my sit and sweating.  She is the!!
Paromita Paromita 5 years
BlackGym BlackGym 5 years
Can't wait to try it tonight!
dania_r dania_r 5 years
love it!!!
Hey could anyone tell me how can we download these videos as i have net in the office only and would like to download and play in my tv at home... thanks a lot. i m so inspired ...
Hey could anyone tell me how can we download these videos as i have net in the office only and would like to download and play in my tv at home... thanks a lot. i m so inspired ...
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