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10 Reasons to Turn Off Your Television

10 Reasons You Should Turn Off the TV

Step away from the remote — or at least that's what I'm trying to do. My non-television watching friends continue to espouse the benefits of their Fox-, NBC-, and CNN-free lives and I can't much argue against them. These days it is nearly impossible to steer clear from televisions; restaurants, airports, places of work, and gyms cater to our 24/7 news cycle obsessed society, but there are other ways to get the news and keep from becoming a couch potato. Here are some good reasons you should consider hitting the "Off" switch:

  1. You may actually finish that book you've been reading for the last few months.
  2. Heavy television watchers are more likely to become obese.
  3. You can make that long awaited phone call to an old friend or friends.
  4. If you sit too close to a television, you may get a headache. Probably not going to happen if you sit too close to the ocean.
  5. Does watching Snooki suck face compare to the high you get after going on a hike?

Want to see more of the list?

  1. You can do an activity that compels you, not just your eyeballs.
  2. Sitting on a couch for hours on end can spoil one's posture. Get off the couch and do some yoga instead.
  3. If you're watching too many (or any!) "reality" shows, your view on reality may become skewed and, ironically, unreal.
  4. Sitting in a dark room in front of an idle television can make one depressed. Time to get moving and pump up those endorphins for a healthy and rejuvenated attitude.
  5. Ditch the tube and save yourself some money! The flat screen television and the cable service can make for a pretty pricey bill. Take that cash and save it for a little weekend getaway.

Do you ever do a television detox?

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